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Below is a list of all the pages on this website which I've categorised as being mainly about activities and tours, and other paid-for organised sightseeing.

Pitts Special S-2A at Queenstown airport

Aerobatics over Queenstown

Organised activities at tourist magnets may not rank highly for people like me who delight in roads less travelled. But this one at New Zealand's most popular tourist town is so cool I just had to write about it. Plus I had some video to illustrate it. Flying aerobatic manoeuvres over the stunning landscapes of Queenstown in winter is simply awesome, and something I'll never regret doing despite the costs.


Platform at Merredin Railway Station Museum, Western Australia

Merredin Railway Station Museum

Many country towns have small historical museums, and standards vary. One which I found to be rather interesting and well done is in the Western Australian town of Merredin, and although it focuses on railway history there is more to it than train memorabilia.


Bus used by Discover The Wheatbelt tours, Merredin, Western Australia

Merredin town tour

The Western Australian country town of Merredin looks fairly average at first glance, the sort of place most travellers might briefly stop for food and fuel before moving on. But it's far from average, and boasts a town tour that is surprisinqly worthwhile.


Martins Bay as seen from a flight between Wanaka and Milford Sound, New Zealand

Milford Sound scenic flights

In a country packed with gorgeous scenery and enterprising people, it is not surprising that New Zealand has many scenic flights to offer its visitors. Over a number of visits I've indulged in a few of them, and my favourite would have to be the awesome flight to Milford Sound from either Queenstown or Wanaka (I've flown there from both). On top of the grandeur of Milford Sound, you get a supremely stunning journey across the wilderness of rugged snowcapped peaks of the South West New Zealand world heritage area. And because the flights only operate when Milford Sound has good weather, good views are guaranteed. If I were to live my life again and could only choose one scenic flight, this would be it.


Mt John Observatory, near Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Mt John Observatory at Lake Tekapo

An observatory may not be on everyone's travel itinerary, but if you pass through Lake Tekapo in New Zealand's south island then a visit to the Mt John Observatory can be worth doing. You don't need to be an astronomy buff to become lost in wonder at what you may see.


Taieri Gorge Railway, New Zealand

Taieri Gorge Railway

If you like train rides, and New Zealand's Inland scenery appeals to you, then a trip on the Taieri Gorge Railway is one I can recommend. Big Otago hills, dramatic viaducts and a train with character make this journey into remote-feeling landscapes one to remember.


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