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Category - Beaches

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which I've categorised as being mainly about beaches. Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. Many are well known; most of my favourites aren't.

Misery Beach, near Albany

Beautiful Misery Beach

Western Australia's south coast has some beautiful beaches, and Misery Beach is one of my favourites despite its completely inappropriate name. It is a delightful sheltered beach near Albany on WA's south coast. It faces north and has great views, yet is little-used.


Conspicuous Beach, Western Australia - east end

Conspicuous Beach

Much of the coastline around Walpole in Western Australia's south is georgeously rugged, but difficult to get to. One of the few beaches in the area accessible to normal two-wheel-drive vehicles is Conspicuous Beach. As an example of the state's wild and isolated coastal splendor it is hard to beat.


Lucky Bay, Western Australia, from east end

Lucky Bay - the far side

Anyone visiting Esperance in Western Australia would know of Lucky Bay - one of the more popular highlights of a stunning stretch of coast. The access point is at the west end of the bay, but not all visitors get to experience the different landscapes and ambience at the far east end. The lure of a slightly less travelled path compelled me to go and have a look.


Where the North East River flows into Bass Strait. Flinders Island, Tasmania

North East River

If you go to Flinders Island, you'll feel far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. But if you want to feel even more away from it all, there is a gorgeous inlet and rocky point on the island's north eastern tip I can recommend. It's called North East River, and is a great spot for boating, fishing, swimming, beachcombing, photography ... or just chilling out on a lovely bit of coast.


Salmon Beach, near Windy Harbour, Western Australia

Salmon Beach

Rugged, pristine, scenic, isolated and deserted ... If you like walking along beaches fitting that description, then you might like Salmon Beach. Just don't expect to go for a swim there.


Yellow Rock Beach, King Island, Tasmania

Shipwreck at Yellow Rock Beach

A rocky wind-battered Island in Bass Strait may not be the most obvious place for a pleasant stroll on a gorgeous beach. But King Island does have some lovely beaches which can be great to visit in the right weather. Yellow Rock Beach is one such place. It is also the only spot on a coast abounding in shipwrecks where part of a wrecked ship is visible from the shore.


Creek crossing the main beach at Thistle Cove, Esperance, Western Australia

Thistle Cove

When I first visited the Esperance area of Western Australia in the 1990s, I thought Thistle Cove was close to perfection. That is, if you like charming secluded bays with gorgeous beaches and picturesque rocky backdrops. All unspoiled by humans. I returned more recently for a closer look, to see if it really is as lovely as I remembered it.


Beach at Tomahawk Bay, Tasmania

Tomahawk Bay

If you're travelling Tasmania by caravan or campervan, and looking for somewhere to stay which is out of the way and right on a good beach, Tomahawk Bay may be an option. It's in a part of the far north east which gets little visitor traffic, and is a good spot to chill out in coastal peace.


Whaling Cove beach, Albany, Western Australia

Whaling Cove beach

Albany on the WA south coast is known for its gorgeous coastline, but many of its beaches are exposed to boisterous seas and winds. One beach which is reasonably sheltered and safe in the right conditions is Whaling Cove - its scenery and views across one of the world’s great natural harbours put it among my favourites.


The platform above Mandalay beach

Wild solitude at Mandalay Beach

Between Walpole and Augusta in Western Australia lies nearly 200km of unpopulated and undeveloped southern coastline. Only two points on this remote stretch can be reached by normal car - one of them is the ruggedly handsome Mandalay Beach.


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