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Tasmania - north east

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which concern places in the north east of Tasmania, including the Great Lake area. See map at bottom of page for locations.

Pencil pine reflections, Pine Lake, Tasmania

An alpine stroll at Pine Lake

The last ice age left behind hundreds of alpine lakes on Tasmania's central plateau. Pine Lake is a picturesque example which boasts a collection of Tasmania's rare pencil pine trees. It is also a very accessible lake for anyone using the high road between Deloraine and Miena.


The lower part of Jacob's Ladder, Ben Lomond plateau, Tasmania

Driving up Jacob's Ladder

Sometimes a drive is enjoyable purely because of it's scenery. Other times the nature of the road itself is as much of a feature as the scenery. The latter is the case with a section of zig-zag mountain road known as Jacob's Ladder in northeast Tasmania. While the scenery is lovely, it is the drama of ascending a series of hairpin turns up the steep side of a plateau which makes the ride a memorable one.


Great Lake from near Miena, Tasmania

Frosty mornings at Great Lake

Where is the best place in Australia to enjoy the scenic magic of a frosty morning? Most inland areas can experience frost in winter, but few places rival the Great Lake area of Tasmania's central plateau. It has the altitude and conditions to give it some of the coldest nights in the country, and regular frosts for most of the year. While not be the coldest area of Australia, it can put on a good frosty show.


Great Lake Hotel, Tasmania

Great Lake Hotel - refuge in a storm

In the middle of Tasmania lies a plateau dotted with lakes, and next to the biggest lake sits the Great Lake Hotel. In the quiet of winter it is a great place to shelter from passing snowstorms.


Halls Falls, Tasmania

Halls Falls

Halls Falls is a modest but picturesque waterfall in the north east corner of Tasmania. What it lacks in sheer size it makes up for in quiet beauty, and the charm and tranquillity of its lush forest setting.


Liffey Falls

Lower Liffey Falls walk trail

Tucked away in a tranquil northern Tasmanian valley lie the beautiful Liffey Falls. The waterfall itself is what draws visitors, usually via the more direct upper track. The longer and less-used lower track, however, is a worthy attraction in its own right, and could be one of the most pleasant forest walks in the region.


Beach at Tomahawk Bay, Tasmania

Tomahawk Bay

If you're travelling Tasmania by caravan or campervan, and looking for somewhere to stay which is out of the way and right on a good beach, Tomahawk Bay may be an option. It's in a part of the far north east which gets little visitor traffic, and is a good spot to chill out in coastal peace.


Beginning the descent to Deloraine from the Central Plateau, Tasmania

Up the plateau from Deloraine

Tasmania boasts many beautiful scenic drives. One of my favourites is the road which ascends from Deloraine, in the north, up the side of the central plateau. Steep climbs, hairpin bends, lush forest and panoramic views make for a pleasant driving experience.


Location map - TAS north east

The symbols on this map mark the locations of places I've written about.

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