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Tasmania - south east

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which concern places in the south east of Tasmania. See map at bottom of page for locations.

An unusual warning sign at Oatlands, Tasmania

A curious sign at Oatlands, Tas

This unusual sign was seen in Oatlands, Tasmania. Even in the context of its surroundings, its meaning was far from obvious. Does the sign warn of low-flying winged people, or indicate a meeting point for angels, or is that what Oatlands residents look like?


A cliff near the start of the cruise, Bruny Island, Tasmania

Bruny Island cruise

If speeding in a fast boat along the towering sea cliffs and rugged wildlife-infested coastline of a Tasmanian island appeals to you, then there is a boat trip I can recommend. It is a cruise along the impressive southern half of Bruny Island, just off the coast of Tasmania south of Hobart. Not many tourist excursions inspire me to open my wallet and part with a chunk of money, but this one did, and it lived up to some high expectations.


A chunk of 1792 cheese, photo from the Bruny Island Cheese Company website

Cheese tasting in Tasmania

Tasmania is a great place to visit if you enjoy good quality food and drink, made from fresh local produce. If cheese takes your fancy, then I can recommend a number of cheese makers where you can enjoy tasting their delicious range.


Coal Mines historic site, Tasmania

Convict ruins at the Coal Mines historic site

If you want to explore the colonial remains of a notorious Tasmanian penal colony, the Port Arthur historic site is the obvious place to go. In the same general area, but far less known, is another historic site where some of Port Arthur's worst convicts were sent to mine coal ... and where visitors can roam the ruins without cost or crowds.


Duckhole Lake, Tasmania

Duckhole Lake walk

This walk in Tasmania's far south leads to a tranquil small lake hidden in forest. If you fancy a not-difficult walk in beautiful quiet forest, walking to Duck Hole Lake can be pleasant. The biggest challenge is finding it.


The Huon River near Franklin, Tasmania

Extreme south

How far south can you go in Australia, and what's it like there? On my first visit to Tasmania, this curiosity led me to drive south until I ran out of road. The landscapes and coast I found there have lured me back to Tasmania's far south on all visits since.


Glow worm grotto, near Russell Falls, Tasmania

Free glow-worms in Tasmania

Glow-worms can be viewed on a number of paid tours, such as Waitomo Caves and Te Anau in New Zealand, and Marakoopa Cave in northern Tasmania. Less well known is the fact that anyone can see these luminous insects - without having to pay or enter a cave - near one of Tasmania's most popular attractions.


The Astor Private Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart Astor Hotel

Sometimes when travelling I can be a little fussy. I wanted a private room in Hobart that was comfortable, centrally located (but not too noisy), and much nicer than a backpackers ... and all for much cheaper than a motel. A tall order, perhaps, but the Hotel Astor ticked all the boxes.


Lake Esperance track, Hartz Mountains, Tasmania

Lake Esperance walk, Hartz Mountains

Fancy a not-too-hard walk to an alpine lake with views over south east Tasmania? If you're visiting the Hartz Mountains, South of Hobart, then the two hour return walk to Lake Esperance is something I'd recommend. Depending on the weather of course..


Mawson's Huts replica museum, Hobart, Tasmania

Mawson's Huts replica museum

On a remote piece of Antarctic coast stand a couple of huts built by explorer Douglas Mawson. They are still standing after a century of blizzards in the windiest place on earth, but few will get to visit the originals. However, anyone visiting Hobart can walk through very authentic replicas ... and get a rich taste of the 'heroic era' of Antarctic exploration.


Main street in Richmond, Tasmania

Reasons to stay in Richmond, Tas

The small town of Richmond, near Hobart in Tasmania, is best known for having the oldest bridge in Australla. Built by convicts in 1823 it is indeed a nice bridge, but there's more to Richmond than that. For some it may even be a viable alternative to staying in Hobart.


Snug Falls, Tasmania, after a dry spell

Snug Falls

Snug Falls gets less attention than other waterfalls in Tasmania, probably because it is smaller and not in a well visited national park. But it provides an attractive sight and a pleasant walk for anyone exploring the coast south of Hobart.


Tasman Island cruise, Tasmania

Tasman Island cruise

When I did the boat cruise at Tasmania's Bruny Island - and loved it - I was interested to learn that the same company also operate a trip around the Tasman Peninsula. Awesomely iconic coastal scenery, plentiful wildlife, Australia's highest sea cliffs, all in an exhilarating fast boat ... could it live up to my high expectations?.


Vehicle ferry sailing to Bruny Island, Tasmania

Visiting Bruny Island

Bruny Island is one of those places which most visitors to Tasmania would like to see, but don't quite get around to. That's how it was for me - my first Tasmanian trip was with friends whose time was limited, and on subsequent trips I left it to the end, and ran out of time to visit an island. When I finally made it to Bruny Island in 2010, I was glad I had made the effort. It is a beautiful piece of Tasmania ... especially if you like cheese.


Location map - TAS south east

The symbols on this map mark the locations of places I've written about.

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